Orlistat (Xenical) is a gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor. It works by influencing dietary fat digestion in patients who need to lose weight. Orlistat prevents the absorption of fat from the food, i.e. fat molecules move through the body and get eliminated undigested.

Orlistat capsules help with a speedy weight loss. It is a popular medication that helps to achieve significant weight loss results in the minimum amount of time. Ask your GP for more details and recommendations.

The effectiveness

Orlistat is a potent medication for fast weight loss. The greatest result may be achieved when patients combine treatment with a well-balanced calorie control intake and sufficient regular physical exercises. Clinical studies found that patients who use Orlistat to help with weight loss, manage to lose up to 50 % more weight. Patients are proven to lose 5% of their body fat in the first three months of treatment.

The dosage

Orlistat must be administered as 120 mg oral capsules 3 times a day with the food (or within an hour with your meal). Do not take the drug if you have a meal that contains no dietary fat.

Why chose Orlistat?

Patients often need to lose excess weight fast for the benefits of their general health. The good news is that Orlistat starts to work immediately. From the first meal you take with Orlistat is begins to absorb dietary fat from your food, so your weight loss process starts there and then, and it continues as long as you take the medication.

A medical assessment is recommended before taking Orlistat.

Undesirable effects

Like any medication, Orlistat may have some common side effects such as:

  • Flatulence and bloating
  • Oily stools and spotting on underwear
  • Urgent trips to the bathroom due to defecation urge
  • A higher number of bowel movements a day
  • Gas with defecation
  • Rectal pain

Very rarely patients may experience headaches, loss of appetite, back pain, skin rash, weakness, dizziness, or flue like symptoms. It is best to check with your medical advisor if any of these signs appear during treatment.

Is it safe to buy Orlistat online?

Buying Orlistat online is a confidential and safe way to get your medication straight to your doorstep.

When ordering from an online pharmacy you should check whether the website that you buy from has good reviews and safe online payment methods and has no hidden fees.

It is also recommended to choose an online pharmacy that has a 24h support service to answer your questions and, if necessary, to give professional recommendations for the treatment.

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